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Cochran’s Excavating & Mechanical Contracting provides a variety of services for both commercial and residential clients.

Water Valve

Our construction experts offer water valve inserts, which insert a new valve in the operating line without any loss of pressure. This can be used on large water mains without the need to shut off service, meaning no down time for homes or businesses. Valve inserts prevent the water lines from leaking or bursting due to wear, and facilitates distribution of water to new buildings when needed.

Water Main Installation & Repair

Cochran’s Excavating & Mechanical Contracting also installs and repairs water mains in large and small municipalities in Delaware. For new buildings or subdivisions, we install new water mains to provide a clean, sufficient water supply. This includes servicing and repairing sewer and drain lines, water meter installations, and replacing values as needed. We offer 24/7 service to take care of major problems immediately.

Sewer Main Installation

Our construction professionals also provide sewer main installations for expanding cities, large company properties, subdivisions, and other areas in Delaware. Upon installation, we inspect the new sewer components to ensure optimal functionality, test water quality, and set up schedule maintenance to keep the sewer main clean and safe.

Site Prep

Cochran’s Excavating & Mechanical Contracting also prepares construction sites for new buildings, roads, sewers, water line sites, and more. This includes services such as leveling the area, clearing away plant debris, excavating land where needed, and marking the area with cones and barricades. We work with other contractors, business owners, and home owners to get this first step of their construction project out of the way.


If you are rebuilding a commercial building or residential home, our construction team can demolish the old building to prepare the area for new construction. We remove the old building’s structure and signage, clear away debris, and provide any other demolition service you need to make the area ready to begin your new project.

Soft Dig

Our contractors also offer soft dig services, which avoid underground utility lines and make it easier to complete excavations. When you don’t have to shut off your utility services, you can continue business as usual with minimal inconvenience.

Storm Lines

Cochran’s Excavating & Mechanical Contracting also offer sewer storm line cleaning, inspection, sealing, and repair. We also provide hydro jet services, which uses high pressure hoses to flush out dirt, bacteria, and debris. When heavy rains and wind hit New Castle, Delaware or a surrounding city, storm lines can fill up with debris and excess water, causing flooding and problems in the plumbing system. Our storm line maintenance and repair services will prevent major damage by monitoring them and cleaning them out regularly.

Snow Removal & Salt Application

During the winter months, avoid the tiresome work of shoveling snow and applying salt. Cochran’s Excavating & Mechanical Contracting can take care of that for you! Our large machines and other equipment quickly remove snow from driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. We then apply top-quality salt right away so you don’t slip and fall or slide around while driving your vehicle. The next time your area is expecting a snow storm, call us and we can assist you with a full cleanup.

Equipment Rental

We also rent out equipment to individuals and other contractors as needed. This includes machines such as:

  •  Valve Insert Machines
  •  Rubber Tire Backhoes
  •  Bulldozers
  •  Excavators
  •  Skid Loaders
  •  Dump Trucks
  •  Air Compressor Pumps
  •  ...and more!

Please contact us for details on our rental policies and full inventory of equipment.

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